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My name is Angel Ramos. I am the President and Editor of  TEMPLATE 1 Hispanic newspaper. We are based in Cleveland, Ohio.

TEMPLATE 1 facts:

#1.  Printed every three weeks

#2.  Circulation  8,500-10,000

We also print out once a month » REAL ESTATE IN THE    LATINO BARRIO » newspaper . Circulation 8500 editions

TEMPLATE 1 is a 17 in. tabloid on newsprint quality paper.                          

#3.  Over 175 Drop-Off Locations throughout Cleveland

#4.  Distributed in Cleveland’s hispanic wards

with highest concentrations of latino population

#4.  Distributed «Free/No Charge»

#5.  Bilingual format including ad content

#6. We have over 5500 readers who receive the entire newspaper via Internet in a .pdf format into their selected e-mail box every month.

We appreciate the time you took to read this information and we will be happy to serve you. To answer more questions, do not hesitate in contacting us at: (216) 535.9388 or e-mail : .

Thank you for your consideration.

    Liza De Jesus

Where does one find TEMPLATE 1?
TEMPLATE 1 is distributed to Latino dining and entertainment establishments, retail and specialty stores, hotels, museums, libraries, universities, and other educational facilities. TEMPLATE 1 is also available by subscription. TEMPLATE 1  yearly subscription costs $20.00.

Distribution points are monitored to insure that no distribution copies are wasted. Adjustment of distribution insures the high visibility of our publication. Returned copies are redistributed at Hispanic social events, malls, and universities as free reading material.

Call (216) 535-9388 (Corporate) or 216-970-6144 Direct Line for more information.



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